Tiny Image Converter 

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Tiny Image Conveter is a Java Based image converter which is capable of converting most image types to "jpg", "gif", "bmp" and "png". This software is named "Tiny" because it is just 1 MB in size. This is a completly portable software, which need no installation. Since this is in Java, this software will work on any platform, in other words, this is a platform independent software.


Requiements to run the software 

  • You must have Java JRE 7 or higher installed. This software will not work on versions less than 7. This will also work if u have Java JDK 7 or higher.

            Download Java JRE 7 from here


Download the software from one of following links



ImageConverter.jar (1,1 MB)



Topic: Tiny Image Converter

Image Converter!!!

Yusuf Salahudeen | 04/03/2012

SUPER STUFF!!!!! I have always been waiting for something like this!!! thanks!!!!!

Tiny Image Converter

Ehsanit | 04/03/2012

Tiny Image Converter is a very useful piece of freeware, and is particularly good at batch converting large numbers of images into a more useable format. The interface is refreshingly different but reasonably intuitive. As it develops this should become an excellent program.

Tiny image converter

Balabarathy | 04/03/2012

Tiny image converter easy to use try it

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