About Us

Hi, I am Yohan Rangana Weerasinghe. I create free Java software, and make them public completly free. You can download my software from here.


The speciality in this service is, you can even request software! If you want me to create a software for you, just send an email or make a post in this site. I will check whether the request is possible for me or not, if possible, I will create it for sure. Since I am doing a free service, I don't guarante the time period I am gonna take to create your software. I will make it as fast as I can, but I don't guarante. Second thing is, if you send me an email for requesting me to create a software, requesting upgrades for an existing software of mine, I will upload the content of your email here with my replies, WITHOUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. That is just to let the people know the free service I am doing, and make it popular. All of these software will be uploaded to number of free software sites.


I am open to any kind of comment for any of my software. If you have aby good or bad suggestions to any of my software, please post them here.


Welcome and enjoy the glory of freeware.......