Advanced Text Editor (Version 1.2.1)

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This is my most latest and the finest software. I spend lot of time developing this, so, this is a commercial edition.  Free DEMO version will be available soon.


The speciality of this software is, it is developed as a dual use software. Which means it will act as a simple IDE if you develop programming files in it. As a simple "Programmer's Text Editor" it will support the following features.

  1. Syntax highlighting support for 10 programming languages (Highlights Keywords, Data Types, Strings, Comment Lines)
  2. Current line indication
  3. Compile Java files inside the program (Windows Only)
  4. Run Java files inside the program (Windows Only)
  5. KeyBoard Shortcuts
  6. Supported Languages: Java, ADA, C++, Eiffel, Python, Rubi, VB, PHP, JavaScript, SQL


If you use this as a Normal text editor instead of programming, it will act as simple MS Word and will give you the following features.

  1. Save and Write RTF files ( This format is compatible with all the major text editors including MS Word)
  2. Inbuilt smilies
  3. Text Formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline, font color/size/format, alignment, and much more)
  4. Image insertion support
  5. Keyborad Shortcuts


It is very easy to switch between two modes. Just save your file with a supported program language extension(eg: .java, .cpp) and it will automatically enable the program mode. If you want normal mode, just save your file using "save Text Files" option in the "File" menu, it will enable the normal mode.


Apart from that, this software comes with a very user friendly built-in installer, so you can install it in you machine with few clicks.





Advanced Text Editor




Advanced Text Editor "Text Editing" Mode




Advanced Text Editor 'Programming" Mode